What is Z.E.M. all about? (Zimbabwe Education Mtapa)

The ZEM coffee and cakes morning raised 37-41 for ZEM funds.  ZEM pens have sold out!
The ZEM Christmas Quiz raised 60-50.  Thanks to all who participated in the three churches.
Prizes were kindly donated by Wilsden Co-op.

Listen to the recent ZEM interview with Ruth and Bob
on BCB by clicking below.  The interview starts 11 minutes into the programme:

As Rev. Freddy Takavarasha has moved to take up a new ministry in Norwich, ZEM has currently no ministerial imput. We are to consider the future of ZEM at our next committee meeting at the end of September.

A dynamic performance by
The White Rosettes in concert at Baildon Methodist Church on 10th March was much enjoyed by all in attendance.  They are the national and European  champion ladies barber-shop choir and fully justified the high regard in which they are held.  The event raised a net profit of 660-00 for ZEM funds.  We are grateful to Baildon Meyhodist Church for hosting the event. We are also indebted to Wilsden Co-operative store for the provision of tea, coffee and biscuits.

The ZEM event with Hall Royd Brass Band on Saturday 12th November raised 300-00 for ZEM funds.  Our thanks to all involved in a highly successful and enjoyable event.

A lunch held on 30th October raised 231 for ZEM funds. The "Friends of ZEM brochure was launched at the lunch.  Brochures are available at church inviting people to make a regular contribution to support our children at school in Mtapa.  Prior to the lunch, the video of the visit was shown.  Copies of this video will be available soon.

A visit to Zimbabwe  took place from 7th to 19th February.  Watch this space for further details about the visit outcomes as much information was gathered about our sponsored children.

Following a presentation to Shipley Roatarians we received a cheque for 50.

"Poetry & Puds" at Saltaire Methodist Church on Saturday 19th February was a tremendous success and raised 267-00 for ZEM funds.

The circuit event, "Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children", at Baildon Methodist Church  on Sunday 9th January, raised 405-00 for ZEM.  Grateful thanks go to Liz & Jim Parrish for organising the event.

Donations received for ZEM funds during December have amounted to 473-12.  Thanks to all concerned for their generous contributions.

The combined Pasada/Quiz evening on Saturday 27th November raised 200-00 for ZEM Funds.  We are grateful to the Old Tramshed for their generous gift of prizes of meal vouchers.  The winners were delighted to receive them.

We have also received generous donations of 200-00 and 50-00.  In addition, a collection box at Wilsden Co-op raised a further 17-90.
This money will be used to purchase school uniforms for our sponsored children.

The ZEM committee has given a Christmas gift of 200.00 to the church in Mtapa.  This will be used to host a Christmas Day lunch for the community about the church, the remainder being used, at the discretion of the church, to support needy children in the vacinity.

The winner of the balloon race is
Jake Thakker .  His balloon was found in Stockport .  It had travelled a distance of 61 miles.  Congratulations Jake!

The launch weekend raised 624.54 for ZEM Funds as a result of the activities at the three churches.

Ryder Cup Friday became Saltaire's ZEM Sunday!

We tried to start the balloon race on time but the atrocious weather made the balloon tags soggy and added to the balloons' weight problem.  Heavy rain and no wind meant that we were only able to get half the balloons away.  The remainder were launched on Monday into a clear, blue sky!

Apart from this, Saltaire had an excellent service led by Liz and Jim Parrish that painted a very vivid picture of the plight of many African children.  Bolton's Zimbabwean lunch was, likewise, a great success and a special thank you goes to our Zimbabwean friends from Leeds who cooked it for us.

Launch date is 3rd October.  Saltaire has organised a balloon race to commence at 12 noon on that day.  All the balloons have been sold! 
On the same day Bolton Methodist Church is celebrating the launch with a
Zimbabwean lunch.  Calverley Church are running a ZEM Quiz.

Saltaire Methodist Church, Saltaire Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD18 3HJ
The Methodist Orb
Picture of the inside of Saltaire Methodist Church
Picture of Saltaire Methodist Church from the front right side