Saltaire Methodist Church, Saltaire Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD18 3HJ
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Saltaire Menís Group

Although there has been a strong womenís group in the church for some time, the men had no group identity and many felt that to strengthen their bonds with each other, and to offer a way into the church for other men, the formation of a menís fellowship was needed.

So, in February 2007 the Menís Group was formed, under the leadership of Tom Keating, with the aim of increasing  their profile in the church, bonding them together as a working group, sharing leisure time together, and deepening their faith by walking with Jesus, together.

So far they have had a lot of fun -  going on walks together, getting to know each other better, sharing their own personal stories, bonding, becoming a brotherhood.   They have shared meals together, with speakers who have stimulated their imaginations and planted ideas for future activities together.   They have been crown green bowling and organised menís coffee mornings to raise money for charity.   They have met with other menís groups in the Shipley area, and slowly the three separate groups are becoming more aware of each other with potential for future joint activities.

Recently they have started a bible-study group, in its early infancy as yet, but with plans to invite anyone in the Church who is interested to join the studies.

The wider vision is to grow the menís group, to have a male Christian presence in the community that will encourage others outside church to participate in their activities, witnessing and experiencing their commitment to helping other men, because of their commitment to Jesus.

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